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Training Courses avaliable through SBMVA


SBMVA provide specialist consultancy and can provide a number of training related programmes. In house basic and in-depth training programmes can be provided and can be designed through a local needs driven analysis in line with organisational policy utilising a 'patient centred care approach'.

All courses are competency based and require annual refreshers.

Training can be provided in the following areas and will be taylored to the specific needs of your service. All our bespoke courses follow and adhere to 'Best Practice Guidance within The Department of Health Legislation'

The list below is not exhaustive!


  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Primary Secondary & Tertiary Intervention’s planning
  • Safe Ward’s
  • Functional Analysis
  • Care Plan Approach – (CPA)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Conflict resolution/awareness
  • Promoting Safe and Therapeutic Services  (PSTS)                                                                                          
  • Theories of aggression
  • De-escalation strategies and awareness
  • The use of force and the law
  • Personal safety awareness (theory) and breakaway physical skills (as recognised by the GSA)
  • All Physical intervention and safe holding skills (theory to practical application as recognised by the GSA)
  • Risks related to physical restraint
  • Post incident and closing the loop strategies
  • Cultural and Diversity 
  • Harm Minimisation
  • Autism Awareness Training
  • Basic Life Support
  • First Aid
  • Dementia
  • The Law - Human Rights Act
  • Moving and Handling Training
  • ERB – ERC and Hard Cuff training
  • MHA
  • MCA
  • Dols
  • GSA Tutor training (be a recognised GSA Tutor within your organisation)
  • GSA Tutor Updates

All of the above noted elements can be combined and aligned into an In-House training course to provide individualised comprehensive SBMVA training programme for your organisation.

Bespoke or advanced packages for organisations can be developed on request with SBMVA-TRAINING Contact Us!

Organisations that require In-House training will be responsible for providing an appropriate and risk free training environment. All participants will be required to complete a health screening provided by SBMVA prior to attending any course that has physical skills aspect to it.

All tutors providing this training will be fully insured, GSA qualified and recognised clinically in health and social care, all credible with vast knowledge around the training required to be delivered.

Training can be conducted anytime from 08:00 – 22:00 seven days a week, with no extra cost from SBMVA for weekend training.